Natural Casings, The Quality Choice

Have you ever thought about the skin around a sausage rather than just concentrate on the meat that is in the sausage?

For thousands of years natural casings have been used as the perfect food packaging solution, and are continuing to prosper even when cheaper artificial solutions are available. Why?.............. Well naturally, Mother Nature always knows best.

Natural casings have characteristics that just simply can't be replicated by man made machines or scientific technology. Natural casings breathe allowing smoking and cooking flavours to permeate the casing and infuse the meat giving the sausage a rich even flavour throughout. Natural casings have that unique natural curve and sheen that a real sausage should always have, with beautifully rounded ends where the sausage is linked giving the sausage an eye appeal that is unmatched by any artificial product in the world. When you bite into a natural casing sausage you will notice a wonderful crisp snap, and then the casing simply disappears, and allows you to enjoy the flavours of the sausage.

If you are concerned about chemicals or additives in your diet, then you will be pleased to know that there are no chemicals or additives used in natural casing production. Salt and water is about as fancy as it gets, and that's the way they have been cleaned and preserved for thousands of years. That's probably the reason why natural casings are the only casings that can be used in Organic sausage production, because they are quite simply…just natural! No artificial preservatives, no chemicals, and no colourings.

With modern ways of producing and packaging natural casings, the industry has worked tirelessly investing millions of dollars in Research and Development with sausage machinery companies to support them in their endeavors to build machines that can work at high speeds with natural casings. The industry has developed long stranded casings with uniformity and strength to support the new technology, as well as new tubing (Shirring) systems that speed up the loading process. This has revolutionised the sausage manufacturing world and has kept natural casings sort after by all quality manufacturers.

Australian natural casings companies operate under strict HACCP guidelines to ensure that all hygiene best practices are adhered to, so you can rest assure when dealing with an Australian Casing company you are dealing with a well run clean, green organisation that stand by their product.